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Mechanical Vacuum Boosters are the machines used to enhance the existing vacuum levels in the process. Booster pumps are combined with existing vacuum pumps for improved and better results. Vacuum boosters can operate at high pumping speeds to provide faster pump downtime in terms of Vacuum.

Everest mechanical vacuum boosters can be coupled with a variety of pumps like oil-sealed vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pumps, water-ring vacuum pumps & dry screw vacuum pumps. These are popular across all process industries and are recognized for their efficiency.

The main objective of these machines is to enhance the performance, ultimate vacuum, and pumping speed of Backing vacuum pumps which are widely used across different process industries and some of these pumps include oil sealed, rotary vane, water ring, water jet , dry screw vacuum pumps.

These machines use relatively consume less power to deliver high performance. They provide and improvement in vacuum of the order of 0.001Torr or even better. They generate higher pumping speeds and that too at low pressures. They are capable of increasing displacement 3 to 10 times or more.

They can help to achieve a reduced downtime for vacuum machines.

These are suitable for gas and vapor and are widely used in edible oil, Pharmaceutical, chemical, Fertilizer, food processing industries, waste oil recycling, CNSL distillation, pyrolysis etc. as well apart from applications in semiconductor and petrochemical industries. The other applications where these are used are Metallizing, Automotive fluid filling, Impregnation, Polymerization, Crystallization, Low density wind tunnels, space simulation, sputtering, Furnaces, Freezing and Drying applications.

These are generally positive displacement pumps and are usually capable of handling large quantity of gases even under low pressures. They are manufactured keeping close tolerances and ensuring that there is complete air tightness and are generally also known as ideal vacuum pumps.

If they are properly installed and maintained well, they provide years of uninterrupted service. We at Everest Blowers are committed to provide complete guide on maintenance of these machines to let them last longer for you.

Key Advantages of using Everest Mechanical Vacuum Booster:

Vacuum boosters enhance the overall performance of existing pumps while preventing certain anomalies in the vacuum pumps simultaneously. They are also suitable for dry pumping operations such as gas and vapor loads. Boosters are considered as 100% dry machines, providing efficiency in terms of power and pollutants. The high compression across the booster helps in recovering of various low boiler products thus avoiding effluent to the environment.

Everest Roots Vacuum Booster Pumps are available in single-stage functionality. The pumps use a pair of synchronized counter-rotating rotors that move without coming in contact with each other in a casing. The rotors have an involute configuration and are located at a small distance from each other. One rotor is directly operated by the motor while the other is attached to a gear connected with the master rotor. The gears are properly sealed off from the suction chamber so that the lubrication does not affect the air at all. The air output is completely oil-free.

Everest Roots Vacuum Booster Pumps can be operated constantly at high rotation speeds. Also, the dynamic balance of the pump makes it extremely quiet even at high operating speeds. Everest Roots Vacuum Pumps come with adequate safety measures such as installation space for safety switches and pressure gauges. These features may be utilized as per the need.

Backup pumps can also be used for additional support and to lower the load on primary pumps. These pumps are called rotary vane pumps or Dry Screw type. However, liquid ring pumps are also a good option to consider if the situation calls for it. This combination can be used at high pumping speeds in the low and medium vacuum range.

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Everest Blowers is a leading suppliers of different types of vacuum booster pumps which is used in industries to increase the pumping speed. These boosters enhance the performance, ultimate vacuums and pumping speeds of oil-sealed / water-ring / dry vacuum type of mechanical pumps, widely used in the industry.