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Everest vacuum blowers are being widely used by the process industries like cement, mining, pharma, chemicals, rice mills, etc. for pneumatic conveying applications and powder transferring applications. Everest vacuum blowers are capable enough to provide with an inlet suction pressure of 400 mmHg which enables the smooth lift and movement of the targeted material to be conveyed.

These blowers work on the vacuum application and thus are name d as Vacuum Duty Blowers. The power consumption in these blowers are comparatively lower as compared with tradition centrifugal blowers, reciprocating blowers and various other obsolete design of the blowers. Everest stands tall with their best in class machinery to produce such highly efficient machines to provide desired results in their processes.

The capacity range available with Everest starts from 120m/hour and ends at 3,000m/hour at pressure of 400 mm Hg(A) and can be increased by coupling multiple machines all together depending upon the location of installation, density of the product to be conveyed and the distance to travel by the material.

Everest team of talented and qualified engineer can make the calculation on site and can suggest for the best suited model based on the requirement.

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Everest Blowers offers the most astounding quality determination of vacuum blowers for application in fluid and mass waste tankers, modern process framework, synthetic and petrochemicals, sugar industry, depuration, pneumatic transport, water treatment and much more.