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Everest Tri Lobe Blowers are also positive displacement blowers with the change in design as per the current industrial needs. The Everest Twin Lobe Blowers are having involute profile of the lobes having lobe tips at an angle of 120 degrees around the rotor instead of 180 degrees in the twin lobe design. This design of the blower provides stiffness in design and reduces the deflection at varying loads. These blowers can be a replacement of twin lobe blowers where the customer seeks.

Along with the machine Anti vibration pads are provided to further help in reducing the vibrations.These machines come with dial Gauges to monitor the required pressure, They carry direct coupled motors to reduce loss of power in the machine, thus utilizing maximum from the machine with reduced break down time. These features also help in increasing the total life cycle of these blowers.

The pumping capacity of roots blowers is determined by size,operating speed and what pressure conditions are available.The resistance of the connected system determines the differential pressure developed. They do not develop pressure within the casing. These machines also deliver 100% oil free output. These machines are known for delivering constant volume and deliver a fixed discharge against the backpressure from the system. To avoid overheating of the Tri lobe blower the air must not be recirculated from the discharge to suction.

These machines carry anti friction bearings.They can be used for generating both pressure or vacuum.These machines come with fail safe labyrinth sealing.These machines deliver desired volumetric efficiency at reduced operating temperature.These blowers have low pulsations and are low on noise as well.

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