Biogas Blowers Systems

Biogas Blowers, as the name suggests, are specifically designed for biogas pumping operations. These machines work on the positive displacement principle. They are primarily used in biogas lines to increase the gas pressure for required burner input/ transferring media. Gas Blowers employ vertical flow design that has the suction at the top and the discharge at the bottom. This design is highly effective at preventing the accumulation of any type of corrosive matter inside the casing.

As the Blowers operate in a closed loop system and do not require suction and discharge silencers. These blowers are constructed with special materials and are enhanced with proper lubrication and sealing arrangements. This makes them an ideal choice for biogas boosting operations.

Everest Biogas Blowers come with the provision for vacuum switches and pressure switches. A vacuum switch comes into play if the biogas generation falls below the pumping speed of the blower. The switch trips the blower and prevents vacuum overloading. Whereas, a pressure switch can be installed on the discharge line to safeguard the blower from excessive discharge pressures. These biogas blowers ensure you get 100% oil free air delivery. They deliver improved volumetric efficiency at reduced operating temperatures. Our Biogas blowers are made of Spheroidal Graphite Iron and have ground timing gears and provide lubrication to the bearing through splash lubrication.

We carry out a rigid performance testing as per standard test procedure STP-01 based on BS 1571-2:1975 and ISO 1217:2009 before shipping out these machines and hence they come with a standard Everest Quality assurance and guarantee certificate. We manufacture our blowers on state-of-the-art latest CNC machines, and they are machined to close tolerance levels with a high degree of accuracy by profile machining them which ensures high volumetric efficiency.


Some of the important features of the Everest Biogas Blowers are listed here.

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Biogas Blowers
Everest has been designing and manufacturing biogas blower systems since most recent 5 decades. Generally biogas blower applications incorporate gas boosting for a plant cogeneration system, boosting for gas molding, gas movement to a flare, distribution for blending, and scent control.