Acoustic Enclosure – Noise Control System

After their successful achievement in the manufacturing and supply of the Twin Lobe and Tri-lobe blowers, Everest also gained expertise in the field of manufacturing the acoustic enclosure used widely in controlling the heavy noise, airborne, being generated through air blowers as a result of high pressure.

This noise when being generated in the working area need to monitor and thus controlled as per the norms of the organizational requirement or we can say the operational requirement for the process for which it is being used and to be maintained upto a level of 85dB(A). Everest acoustic enclosure proves to be effective in reducing such noise levels below the required range of 85dB(A).

Everest’s acoustic hoods are made to offer a drastic reduction of 12-15 dB(A) in the external airborne noise and are capable of providing the smooth and sound free working environment.

They are also referred to as acoustic hoods and are preferred in locations where the workers have access to the operational plant where these are used and as we all understand noise plays a major role in hampering the performance of employees and hence these being silent machines provide a big relief to the organization.

Moreover, in most of the European countries, the laws stipulate the noise levels be maintained at a certain level and hence in these countries these machines become a necessity.

These enclosures are made from heavy gauge sheets to provide strength and efficiency in reducing the sound levels. The Gaskets of the suitable polymer is being utilized to fix us the joints and the doors.

The enclosures are provided with the blowers in such a way that the operator can have ease of access inside the hood to maintain the blower w.r.t. the motor, cleaning of blower etc. through the Door. There’s provision to exhaust the flue gases/ hot gases being generated inside the enclosure during the operation of the blower on its 100% efficiency. This enables long life for the blower and ensure the efficiency in the required process.



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Acoustic Enclosure
Everest Blowers is a manufacturer of acoustic enclosures in the field of sound control in all over World. We offer acoustic enclosures for heavy machines creating machines which are outlined with flawlessness and exactness to each and every intricate detail.